We advise you to go glamping in Chile if you’re a tourist seeking an outdoor adventure without sacrificing the rest and comfort of the top hotels. You won’t be sorry!

Its name combines “glamour” and “camping,” and it is built on an eco-friendly tenet. Numerous locations in Chile have already established themselves as top tourist destinations for this kind of lodging in Latin America.

Desert and stars

Chile’s northern region is well known worldwide for its breathtaking skies. The nation is not merely “the reserve of stars in the world.” Now picture going to bed under the stars in the middle of a desert without worrying about pitching a tent or sleeping on an uncomfortable floor. Simply ideal! And that’s how glamping is done in Chile’s northern region.

As we travel across southern Chile, we come to the Elqui Valley, renowned for having some of the clearest skies on earth. This is just one of the qualities that make the domes in the area stand out—glamping that enables you to take in the stars. Additionally, some facilities provide everyone-friendly astronomical tours and wellness treatments like reiki, massages, and meditation.

Dreamland in the southern hemisphere

The southern region of Chile also has a variety of glamping options. Additionally, these lodgings were created to be environmentally responsible and sustainable.

A one-hour drive from Chillán, in the central-south region, are domes dedicated to “wellness tourism.” As a result, its services include thermalism and thalassotherapy (treatment using marine waters and ingredients) (therapy with thermal waters).

At the end of the world, sustainable

Did you know Chile is home to the world’s first entirely sustainable geodesic dome hotel?

They are located in the very south of the nation, right in the middle of the world’s eighth wonder, Torres del Paine National Park. They take their design cues from the conventional Kawésqar igloos that these nomadic and indigenous communities once called home.

We sincerely hope you like this novel approach to camping, as glamping in Chile is a unique opportunity to experience the best of the natural world.