Just in time for a last-minute getaway, flights are starting to resume, and museums, restaurants, and attractions are opening as nations worldwide come out of quarantine. Private charters are resuming operations, providing a tempting alternative for travelers who are still uneasy about crowds. Ferry systems are up and operating in numerous waterfront sites, with preventative health precautions firmly in place. Here are six lovely locations to take to the seas this summer, regardless of whether you decide to join the line or set sail in your boat.


Countries in the European Union are currently available to residents from those other countries and EU nationals. The Greek islands continue to welcome guests, and the ferry system is operating at peak efficiency. Before boarding, passengers must submit to temperature checks and health surveys. While a charter allows you to choose your schedule, Valef Yachts is a luxurious option and has long been a favorite of dignitaries and celebrities. (Don’t worry, plenty of operators are reasonable on the islands.)


Most self-isolation and quarantine restrictions have been eliminated, and Croatia’s borders are now open to citizens of authorized nations and members of the EU. Private yachts, boats, and other watercraft travel between the islands and the mainland. Virtuoso’s eight-day private tour, Essence of the Dalmatian Coast, is the height of extravagance and includes Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik, as well as stops on Korcula and in the vicinity of the Pakleni and Elaphiti Islands.

Making a custom route and island-hopping around the Kvarner Gulf or the Istrian Peninsula is a breeze in Croatia, thanks to its simple-to-use bus and ferry network. You can also decide to use a boat share service like Boatsetter to charter your boat and, if necessary, add a captain.


The natural splendor and cultural cachet of Italy’s Amalfi Coast have attracted tourists for centuries, particularly during the busiest summer months. Naturally, things are a little different this year, and a nation that was once teeming with tourists is now eager to welcome them back.

Visit Amalfi’s charming islands and coastal towns via its robust ferry system, or reserve a cost-effective rental car from Banana Sport in Marina Grande. A Lonely Planet partner, Viator, also offers private excursions to Capri, Ischia, and Procida islands, tours of sea caves along the coast, and individualized day trip from Salerno, Positano, and other locations.

Atlantic Ocean

The Caribbean is starting to reopen, which is good news because anyone who has been hibernating indoors for the previous few months will appreciate the welcome change of scenery provided by its white-sand beaches and azure waters. Even though there is a network of ferries connecting several nations, it is not comprehensive; therefore, when planning your itinerary, consider the logistics. If you’re traveling on a yacht, crewed or uncrewed, the area’s charter firms are anxious to get things back up and running. Some, like Horizon Yacht Charters, provide free sailing days for vacations planned through October.

The Islands of Galápagos

The Galápagos Islands of Ecuador have prospered in isolation historically, but this remoteness has severely impacted the local economy during the pandemic. According to reports, the volcanic islands reopened on July 1. This is excellent news for travelers who prefer diverse animals and bizarre vistas over luscious tropical splendor.

Due to the strict regulations surrounding travel within the Galapagos, it is typically advised to make reservations far in advance. However, this summer has been anything but typical, so even at this late hour, you might be able to book a charter with one of the Galapagos Conservancy’s travel partners. While Wilderness Travel offers individual voyages on a renovated 14-person yacht, AdventureSmith Explorations has a fleet of catamarans and vintage ships.