If you are looking for mountains and adventure for your next vacation, then you shouldn’t miss a vacation in Chile. Top destinations including Pucon, Puerto Varas, Puerto Natales and all three destinations are highly recommended by Chilean travel experts in Chile For Less.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Chile is its geography. The shape of a green bean – long, thin and slightly wavy – seems a fair comparison. The Duri is the Andes Mountains, which run along the eastern edge of Chile from the island of Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip to the triple border with Bolivia and Argentina in the far north.


Due to its southern latitude, the city can be chilly even during the summer, but is constantly buzzing with the thrill of trekkers commuting from the national park. In fact, Puerto Natales has all the amenities needed for travelers looking for relaxation to treat each other before or after a tour, or both! Good restaurants, great hotels and spas, and a stunning view make this a great place to pamper yourself after hard work in the Chilean mountains. Day tours available in Puerto Natales include visits to glaciers, kayaking, hiking and more.


Puerto Varas is another magnet for nature-loving travelers. Again, the Andes serve as the backdrop for all kinds of adventures. Situated on the shores of Lake Llanaquihue and overlooking the conical Mount Osorno, the city’s views are quite serene, almost breaking down the many activities that are possible if you venture off the beaten path. Water sports, fly fishing in particular, are a popular activity in the summer months. Footfeet invites trekkers to discover hidden forests and waterfalls. Another Puerto Varas tourist option is Lake Crossing, which takes travelers over high mountain trails and into Argentina.


A few hours north of Puerto Varas is Pucon, also packed by the Andes and a great year-round destination for adrenaline seekers. Surrounded by national parks, volcanoes and lakes, Pucon makes the best of its natural features to offer tourists an endless range of activities. This includes zipline, kayaking, white water rafting, water skiing in summer, and snow skiing in winter and nearby ski resorts. Hikers can also try climbing Villarica Volcano, which rises to 9,341 feet or 2,847 meters above sea level.

Any of these chile tourist destinations can be paired with a trip to Santiago as part of a vacation package. Finally, the capital is also situated on the Andes and offers many options for day trips too.