The best solution is to choose a goal or two and focus on fully enjoying the highlights of a place. (An alternative is a turbulent tour of Chile that often involves hours of travel and less time in each place visited.)

Chile has something for everyone. Winter ski slopes in winter, extensive hiking trails, beautiful beaches, acres of vineyards, and urban towns with renowned amenities make Chile an ideal vacation destination in South America. Of the many attractions, 2 stand out for the beauty of their stunning natural landscapes and interesting human stories.


The Chiloe Islands make for an amazing experience on a trip to Chile. In the past, indigenous peoples have extended the length of the country, concentrated on the most temperate central coast (as well as further south in fjord-ridden patagonia). This population has been displaced by some or accompanied by Spanish settlers and Chiloe provides a unique example of this process.

Alerce wood was already used by the natives due to its moisture resistance, and Spanish buildings adopted materials and techniques. Nowadays, a traveler can see houses with wooden tiles painted in bright colors. The Chiloe churches have also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The idyllic island and water landscapes add a mystical element to a Chilean tour of Chiloe. Archipelago cuisine is also highly recommended.


Its natural beauty includes snow, glaciers, massive lakes, fjords and forests, and just on holiday in Chile, nature lovers have no better choice than Patagonia. Of course, this area is quite varied. At the upper boundary around Puerto Varas, the beautiful Lakes District is perfect for adventure travelers at any time of year, with beautiful trails and good ski options.

However, perhaps the best option for a trip to Patagonia from Chile is Torres del Paine National Park. In this nature reserve, travelers can spend several days exploring unexplained savagery, visiting glaciers and walking to iconic locations such as the towering towers of Torres del Paine. This Patagonian region is also an ideal launching pad for travelers going to Argentina or hopping on a cruise through Antarctica (which usually starts or ends at Punta Arenas). Spend some time in Chilean Patagonia and your memories are sure to be marked by the beauty of a different region.

These are only 2 of the top tourist destinations in Chile and there are many more: the central and northern coastlines are perfect for beach lovers. Travelers interested in more adventure and surreal landscapes will definitely want to head to San Pedro de Atacama. And those interested in cities and culture will want to spend some time around Santiago and the central valley and beaches.