Discover the diverse landscapes of San Pedro de Atacama during your trip to Chile. Explore the region’s many beautiful sights with this article written by a travel expert from Chile.

The Atacama Desert is a diverse and beautiful destination for your trip to Chile. Check out the Atacama’s top destinations for your trip to Chile.

Explore the beauty of Valle de la Luna, or Moon Valley.

The valley landscape is formed from thousands of years of strong winds creating a lunar terrain. This strange lonely atmosphere is highlighted by its sharp contrast against the majestic blue sky. The sunset over Moon Valley will surely be one of the most beautiful views during your trip to Chile.

Visit the salt lake San Pedro de Atacama to see a variety of wildlife and beautiful landscapes not often found in the desert. Lake Miscanti and Menique are beautiful views among the dry landscape of the Atacama. Also near the Nacion los Flamencos Reserve lake you will find three varieties of flamingos and you can visit them in the Chaxas lagoon. Also accessible from the salt lake is the Salar de San Pedro de Atacama, which is Chile’s largest salt flat and is a spectacle as it is a large lake hidden under a white salt mantle, a must on your trip to Chile.

Best of Chile’s Atacama Desert

Just outside the Atacama you can cross the border into Bolivia where you will find the spectacular Laguna Verde, which is a beautiful body of water of 10 square miles of emeralds. With the reflection of the Licancabur volcano in beautiful waters, Laguna Verde is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the region.

For relaxation, head to the area’s thermal pools are a great way to relax after exploring the atacama grounds. Found in Puritama, these pools are open year round as they are heated by geothermal activity. The swimming pool at Puritama is the perfect way to end your exploration of the Chilean landscape.

Visit San Pedro de Atacama during your trip to Chile.