Explore the beauty of the Chilean wine valley and the culture of Santiago during your trip to Chile. Find the best of Santiago and the surrounding area teeming with wineries and vineyards, with this article written by a Chilean travel expert.

Are you planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Chile?

For your travel itinerary in Chile, be sure to add a trip to the Chilean wine valley on the way. Located near the bustling Chilean capital Santiago, a day or weekend trip to one of Chile’s many wine valleys is a must during your trip to Chile.

Begin your trip to Chile in the cultural center of South America, Santiago.

Home to over a third of all Chileans you are sure to make some new friends during your time in this vibrant capital. Spend your time strolling through one of the many museums, visiting the city from above on Cerro San Cristobal, or singing with the locals in a cafe.

Stop at the Museo Chile de Arte Precolombino, which has a large and famous collection of pre-Kolumga art. A visit to the Museo de la Memoria y Los Derechos Humanos will give you a look at Chile’s controversial past, as the museum aims to preserve the memory of the human rights abuses committed by the government in the 1970s and 1980s.
After exploring Santiago’s sights, head to the serene wine valleys around the region. From the valle del Maipo south to the beautiful Colchagua Valley, there are a wide variety of vineyards, bodahs and inns for your enjoyment. Visit some of the best wineries, or stay at a smaller venue, no matter where you go, you’re sure to sample some of the best wines in the country.

Some recommendations for exploring the wine valley would include the famous Concha y Toro which is located in the maipo valley. This region and in particular Concha y Toro offer some of the best wines in the country. Concha y Toro is the first place for tourists looking to enjoy Chile’s wine valley, and for good reason, because it provides tourists with spectacular landscapes and delicious wines. If you’re looking for a more boutique wine valley experience, take a trip south to the colchagua valley. The Valley is known for its excellent Cabernets and has more than twenty wineries.

During your trip to Chile, explore Santiago and its surroundings in the wine valley, the perfect way to experience the country’s beauty.