You may go hiking right now! You can climb five volcanoes in Chile’s southern region.

We are energetic, enjoy adventure, and enjoy the mountains. Due to this, we shall discuss a few of the volcanoes in Chile’s southern region that you can visit and investigate.

Chile is a volcanically active nation. Over 2,000 volcanoes are considered to be present on our continent, with 90 of them having the capacity to erupt. There are now no warnings of risk to people because these mountains are constantly under surveillance. They even rank among our adventure tourism’s main draws.

Chile’s Lakes and Volcanoes Aesthetic Route traverses 19 massifs and passes through regions of significant scenic, environmental, and cultural importance. Here are 5 of them for you to climb while you are here.

We advise that you familiarise yourself with the route in advance, inform the park rangers of your climb, follow the defined pathways, wear appropriate clothing and shoes, and bring a little emergency kit.

Volcano Llama

One of the Southern Andes’ most prominent and best-known volcanoes, the Llaima volcano, is located in southern Chile. It has a 3,195 m elevation and is situated in the Conguillo National Park, 148 kilometers from Temuco. Its northern top includes an open crater with a diameter of 350 meters, and 29 km2 of the massif is covered in glaciers.

Volcano Lonquimay

The Malalcahuello National Reserve, in the southern region of Chile, is home to the Lonquimay volcano, a part of the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route. This mountain, which reaches a height of 2,865 meters, is notable for being close to the Corralco ski resort, which offers slopes for skiers of all skill levels and abilities.

Volcano Mocho-Choshuenco

This is two massifs, not one! The Mocho-Choshuenco (found in the same-named national reserve) comprises two distinctive summits: the Mocho has a flattened shape, while the Choshuenco cone is pointed. These two volcanoes in the south of Chile, which are 2,415 and 2,422 meters above sea level, are notable for their stunning surroundings and provide views of the Panguipulli, Pirihueico, Neltume, Ranco, and Riihue lakes.

Volcano Osorno

Forty-seven kilometers away from Puerto Varas, the Osorno volcano is notable for having virtually perfect symmetry. The height of 2,652 meters is surrounded by the Llanquihue and Todos Los Santos lakes, and its upper slopes have stunning glaciers. The Osorno volcano, one of the most active in southern Chile, has extended quiet periods, making it a popular location for trekking and mountain climbing.

Volcano in Villarrica

Villarrica is one of the volcanoes in the southern Chilean and South American countries with the longest historical record of eruptions. Because of this, its main draw is the lava lake inside its crater, easily accessible by foot. Despite being one of the most active mountains in the world, the massif is perfectly secure because it is continuously under surveillance. It is found in the Villarrica National Park.