Learn more about what to do and see in the Chilean capital with this article written by a travel expert from Chile.

Home to more than a third of all Chileans, the city of Santiago is vibrant day and night. The city is steeped in culture and history and has one of the most spectacular views, snow-capped Andean peaks, making it a unique destination for your trip to Chile. The capital’s central location also offers easy access to other major Chilean destinations such as San Pedro de Atacama and Torres del Paine. The perfect destination to start a vacation in Chile and fall in love with Chilean culture and history, the city of Santiago is the ideal base for your Chilean trip.

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The city center is the best place to go down in history, as some of the country’s most important buildings are located here. A must see while in Santiago is the statue of the Virgin Mary which sits at the city’s second highest point on Cerro San Cristobal, where you can admire the statue and be rewarded with a spectacular view of the city. To explore Chile’s conflicted past, visit the newly opened Museo de la Memoria y Los Derechos Humanos, which was built to preserve a visual memory of the human rights abuses committed by the government between 1973 and 1990. Also explore Santiago’s main street, where the church of San Francisco resides, home to an impressive art collection.

Regarded as one of the most important cultural centers in all of South America, Santiago welcomes those who seek to get to know Chilean life and customs. Explore the many museums or take a walk and interact with the locals to really feel the feeling of Santiago. If you’re a fan of art, be sure to check out the Museo Chile de Arte Precolombino, home to the pre-Kolumga art collection. Although the city is home to many great museums it spends on the streets. You don’t want to miss out on the city’s vibrant market, a great way to experience the Chilean lifestyle and experience some of the country’s delicious cuisine. After a day of exploring, be sure to join the exciting Chilean nightlife, sure to give you a taste of Chilean culture.

Things To Do in Santiago

With so many great places to see in Chile, the city of Santiago is often the starting point for other Chilean trips, but make sure that during your trip you spend a few days in the city. With incredible cultural, historical and scenic attractions, there’s no reason to miss the magic of Santiago.